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A cookie is a small text file that stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a particular website.

Cookies Use

Cookies are browser dependent text files that contain information about your browser saves on one of this folder for some websites that do send out cookies. They do not contain any kind of virus. They are used to make online surfing faster and easier by make the sites you’ve visited remember who you are, like remembering you IP address or passwords, along with your own preferences

Manage Cookies

Due to the wide range of differences among differing websites’ privacy policies, many browsers allow for universal privacy settings which users can choose from. Some browsers will analyze website privacy policies and allow a user to control their privacy needs. These are known as Privacy Preferences Platform features. If the commercial website you are visiting lacks a privacy policy, be very careful with any information you enter into any forms within the site.

Steps how to use Windows Explorer to erase cookie files:

  1. Click on ‘Windows Explorer’
    2. Select the ‘Search’ button on the toolbar
    3. Enter “cookie” into the search box field for ‘Folders and Files’
    4. Choose ‘My Computer’ in the ‘Look in’ drop down menu
    5. Click on ‘Search Now’
    6. Select and open the folders that are retrieved
    7. Click to highlight any cookie file
    8. To erase the cookie file, click on the ‘Delete’ key