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Vanity Fair’s Photoshop Fail


Eagle-eye spectators noticed an extra leg on Reese Witherspoon and hand on Oprah Winfrey on the star-studded cover of Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair well-known for current affairs, popular fashion and take the audience through the insights of Word’s latest trends.

The magazine released a stunning Hollywood issue cover photo spread for 2018 where two photos are in hit list and catch more attention for a wrong reason. The pictures show extra legs and hand.

One of the gorgeous photographs of Oprah and Reese stays in everyone eyes. As Oprah sitting and has her right hand on her waist and has her another hand on lap and has her other-other hand on Reese’s waist. Both messed this up. An individual gets visuals of the entire scene after watching the cover of “Vanity Fair”.

The cover photograph states that Reese Witherspoon has the third leg, that’s sounds awful. Vanity Fair has an explanation that lining of the dress looks like a third leg. Still, question mark stays on the third hand.

As per the information of the source, the magazine speakers reacted that it’s just the game of eyes and those are playing tricks, nothing more than that. Even Oprah is saying the same thing about her hand. So, it is just kind of funny and joking around. Everybody just having fun.

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