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Tesla’s Semi Rides Like Wind


An American motor company, Tesla Motors thrilled everyone by making Semi Spied’s public appearance. Company’s much-awaited Semi spotted near UPS hub in California and it is running under its own electric power on roads.

In spite of speed, Tesla Semi’s no noise feature catches attention which is more impressive than ever before. Tesla Semi will drive autonomous driving capabilities which will improve with time.

Semi’s design improves drivers experience from truck to pilot. Tesla Semi boosts safety while driving better productivity. The company does not have plans to launch Semi soon as it is scheduled for the special event. Its price varies based on features but orders beginning around $150,000.

Semi will have a 300-mile run but for the longer distance it accompanies bigger batteries and has been coming with organizations such as Wal-Mart, Anheuser-Busch, UPS, DHL and so on.

Its performance and Operational costs are the two strong points that catch the attention, and its brakes last longer. Semi will regenerate braking for stopping the truck. The Semi will pull into Megachargers, devoted Supercharger stations.

No one can guess, when and at what price Tesla brings its Semi model. Semi’s pre-production tester creates hopes that the company might launch ‘Tesla Semi Spied’ on schedule.

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