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AvatarLabs Creates Snap Augmented Reality Lenses


Los Angeles-based an independent full-service interactive agency, AvatarLabs offering augmented reality lenses as well as includes the development of custom Snap World for their clients. The agency gaining approval to create Augmented Reality experiences for interested advertisers.

The agency founded in 2001 by Rex Cook and its portfolio contains ground-breaking campaign for seven highest grossing films. Agency’s passion for innovation takes them across the full spectrum of digital and devices.

The agency already delivered products for its clients which includes Snapchat Content Strategy, Snap Ads, 360 Videos, and filters. Director of Innovation at AvatarLabs, James Safechuck said that AvatarLabs team pleasant to work with technology giant Snap. Further, he added that Sponsors have perceived what exactly Snap Lenses offers and the company offering to incorporate intense instrument to all organizations needing to reach their clients.

Creative Director at AvatarLabs, Bill Hargis stated that no one delivering creative Augmented Reality experiences than Snap, also the team excited to offer cutting-edge engagement to the clients.

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