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NewStyle-CollinStar Capital Unveils Strategic Development Plan


The specialists in blockchain framework and in addition digital currency speculations, NewStyle-CollinStar Capital uncovered its arrangement of key moves for the advancement of blockchain industry and enhancing the biological system with ventures.

Chairman of NewStyle-CollinStar Capital, Ryan Xu said that the association would make ventures of 10 million dollars in Hcash and in addition to ENT Foundation. The organization gives key participation southwest China’s neighborhood government to build a Cloud Computing Industry Base.

Company’s strategic plan would discover horizontally as well as vertically in blockchain and cryptocurrency development. Horizontally the company remains to explore the blockchain industry application layout in ENT and Hcash Foundation. ENT project started by Aimhigh Global and it is the first world-class cryptocurrency project in Korea. Aimhigh Global is a leading Korean entertainment company. G-Dragon and Taeyang, Kim Jong-Koo, South Korean singer and TV personality part of ENT ecosystem and expected that more will join soon.

To promote the development of blockchain technology, the company looking to combine with various partners. The company pronounced a vital association with Qianxinan Prefecture in Guizhou province of China to construct a Cloud Computing Industry Base, Yilong District Management Committee. The Skylight Investment convey chances to build up the blockchain innovation and will extend the store to 300 million US dollars.

Recently, the blockchain technology gains the attention from financial institutions, governments, high-tech enterprises. It is a distributed computing paradigm underlying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It has applied in the field of smart manufacturing, digital asset trading and has the potential to bring fresh opportunities to Big Data, Cloud Computing, and other technologies. NewStyle-CollinStar Capital will establish an optimized industry ecosystem across the whole blockchain industry with its unique plan.

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