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HaptX To Enter Military Section


HaptX well-known for gloves that brings realistic touch, now looking to cover the military section. Haptic wearables more interested in the military sector. The feeling of experiencing something in virtual reality is out of the world, letting an individual feel the size as well as weight and other things of objects. HaptX recently launched the HaptX Gloves, the combination of the microfluidic technology and motion tracking, allow users to feel the virtual environments with their hands. Earlier, HaptX was known as AxonVR and it is a Seattle start-up.

Haptics Gloves promises to give a full text all experience in virtual reality. This is the first wearable based on haptics technology. The gloves consist of around 100 points of high-displacement tactile feedback that displaces skin contingent upon where client moving in the virtual condition. The company fully concentrates on manufacturing, entertainment, training, and design.

HaptX’s Chief Executive Officer, Jake Rubin said that customers in the defense industry traditionally rely on special purpose simulators for training applications that are incredibly expensive, inflexible, and non-portable. Further, he said that there is an amazing level of energy in the military group around the possibility of having a broadly useful stage that comprises of haptic wearables. Furthermore, a head-mounted display show enables a client to prepare any circumstance whenever in wherever at a small amount of the cost of these unique reason test systems.

According to Rubin, a combination of haptic touch technology and virtual training is a game-changer, for sure it is going to boost the platform. It enables accelerate the figuring out how to process and gives a superior feeling of involvement, all things considered. However, the glove is in test arrange. The organization moving towards the scale and generation of the gloves.

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