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Local Inhabitants Discovering New Cube Satellite for NASA


The space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration is trying to make new opportunities every day to know more about the outer space. Local citizens will have their new cube satellite launched aboard NASA’s most powerful rocket, for the first time. Across the globe, the space agency chose three teams including Cislunar Explorers, CU-E3and Team Miles. Team Miles is in Tampa Bay and it will have a cube satellite on Exploration Mission-1. The space agency has been working on Cube Quest Challenge from 2015. The Cube Quest Challenge permits anyone to invent a cube sat that will have the capability to advance operations near and beyond the moon. For the first time, the Cube Satellite will go into deep space. The Founder of the team Miles, Mr. Wesley Faler said, “Wow! I’m just super proud of the team”.
With little experience with space Faler started the group, and now his team grew to 17 members where everyone contributing to the mission. One of the team members, Bill Shaw stated, “None of us actually have a background in aerospace engineering, so we started with a lot of reading and research”. NASA will launch Exploration Mission-1 in two years which helps to push boundaries to advance communication from Earth to deep space. Bill Shaw said, “We’re creating technology that doesn’t exist right now”. Further, he added, “After 2 1/2 years of designing and engineering this satellite, to find out we’re really going to fly it to space now. You realize we have a lot of work ahead of us”. The Team is working on the things which have never been done, to having their cube sat send back signals from at least 4 million kilometers away and beyond. The team Miles is supporting the space agency for missions to Mars. Faler said, “We’re showing how a $10,000 communication system can get the job done”.

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