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Payani’s ‘Air Quality Measuring Technology’ Can Save Lives Using AI


Ali Payani, a young Entrepreneur will launch a revolutionary new air quality measuring technology which helps to save lives using Artificial Intelligence. Ali Payani’s innovative device allows asthma patients to prevent attacks and control the air quality around them. According to the sources, more than 300 million people suffering from asthma across the globe, around 7 million people dying from air pollution each year. As far the problem is becoming more serious and people eagerly looking for the solution which helps to improve their life. The important thing of the payani’s innovation is the use of the Artificial Intelligence algorithms, making the creation most advanced on the market. The innovation goes beyond people expectation. The modern device will use as an air pollution detector and personalized asthma patient’s assistant.

The innovative device can detect an extensive range of the Volatile Organic Compounds as well as harmful gases including NO2 and NH3. The modern innovation useful for asthma patients, athletes as well as children and everyone who’s worried about the air quality around them. The device will help to improve the lives as well as warns users of dangerous air conditions. In the technology world, Payani’s name is already noticeable, because of his inventions and progressive work. Ali Payani won numerous awards and gained recognition, he is an outstanding expert in utilizing artificial intelligence as well as modern technologies to create revolutionary devices. Ali won the Gitex Award in 2013 in Dubai for his outstanding work on Auto Phishing Detector. With the help of Artificial Intelligence Payani’s application makes most innovative and advanced detector available for the people. Wider science and business circle quickly noticed Payani’s passion and revolutionary inventions. Ali Payani stated, “Technology should be able to help people and provide innovative solutions to a real problem that ordinary people are facing every day”. He added, “There is a way to do it better and I am determined to find it”.

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