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US: FDA Accepts “Minne Ties Agile MMF” Developed at The University of Minnesota


The United States Food and Drug Administration permitted a jaw fracture recovery device known as “Minne Ties Agile MMF” developed at the University of Minnesota. The developed device is said to be a disruptive technology that is redefining in the industry within the conditions involving the ear, nose, throat and related structures of the head and neck. Most of the people experience a jaw fracture from various things such as physical assault, vehicle crashes, cancer and some other cases. So these jaw fractures are typically fitted with a metal wiring during recovery. But expertise has raised the issue of their safety at the time of installing as well as removing the metal wiring. The metal wire consists of the sharp edges, however, the wire can either poke the doctors or patient subsequently raising the risk for disease transmission.

Dissimilar to the conventional technology, the Minne Ties device uses a collection of sutures. These sutures are inserted between the teeth to securely and evenly fix the jaw. The smooth clasp heads on the sutures reduce the level of gum irritation and dental hygiene problems. In 2012, Dr. Alan started development on Minne Ties. At that time, he was serving his otolaryngology residency at the University of Minnesota. The device co-invented by Laura-Lee Brown and Christopher Rolfes with Johnson together with Samuel Levine. Samuel Levine was a professor at the university’s Department of Otolaryngology. Mr. Johnson stated, “I am excited to see this device reach the market and start helping people who suffer from jaw fractures experience a less invasive and more comfortable recovery process”. President of the Summit Medical, Kevin McIntosh said, “Working with the University of Minnesota and Dr. Johnson on commercializing Minne Ties has been a thoroughly positive experience”. Kevin added, “We are thrilled to collaborate with their team and now to help introduce this device to the market”.

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