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Inventid Created World’s Affordable Solar Lamp: UK


To design World’s most affordable solar lamp a UK design consultancy has teamed up with a giant Chinese manufacturer. The SM100 solar light designed by a Manchester-based firm named “Inventid”, which sales for $5 in African countries. Solar Lamp was developed in association with China’s Yingli and charity Solar Aid. When the lamp fully charged then it will operate for eight hours. Also as a stand, it has strip slots so it can be used as a head torch or tied to a bike. The SM100 was tested in three African countries mainly includes Malawi, Uganda, and Zambia with 9,000 families. Inventid co-founder, Henry James said, “Kerosene keeps families locked in a cycle of extreme poverty with almost one-quarter of their monthly income spent burning the fuel”.

Henry added, “To break this cycle we worked with Solar Aid, the UK’s leading solar charity to design a light that the poorest families could afford. This meant designing a light that could retail for $5 in Africa”. In 2012, Inventid’s Mr. James and Bryn Morgan worked closely with charities in Africa to develop the light. Henry James said, “We gathered local insights into family routines, the layout of dwellings and environmental conditions. We listened to the aspirations and ideas of people whose personal experiences have shaped a product that is co-created in Africa”. Further, he said, “We have never heard of a sales trial this so far-reaching. It had to be totally right if people were going to adopt the light, and introduce it into their lives and their daily routines”. At the European Product Design Awards, the SM100 won a silver award in the design for society and design for sustainability categories.

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